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This site contains information about penis size studies performed with scientific methods and published in specialized journals. The aim of the site is to provide real and objective information on the studies done to this day on the subject of penis size in order to bring some quality information to the subject.

Penis size has become a big concern to many men and because so, the net is full of doubtful information and ads promising methods to enlarge penis size. Here you will find only scientific studies approaching the subject of penis size with the purpose of giving to the reader a better understanding of the topic regardless of all the misinformation found on the net.

This webpage is a join-effort toghether with the site 5SIZES in order to provide information to men looking for quality information on the penis size subject.

  1. Like Condoms, They Come In Only 3 Sizes – Small, Medium and Liar

  2. What is the average size of normal panis.(length and diameter).

  3. Is anyone bothered about penis head size?

  4. I have to say that I cannot believe that the most recent data on penis sizes is correct. These latest studies done by various statisticians have put the average at no higher than 6 and as low as 5 inches erect. This truly seems low to me. I have been to a lot of locker rooms in my life and have seen many hundreds of guys and I can’t believe that my 6 1/4 incher is anything more than average at best. A lot of the previous surveys which have now apparently been debunked had typically put the average at anywhere from 6 1/4 to almost 7 inches in length which seems more accurate to me. In the Naked Ape Desmond Morris put the flaccid size at 9.5 centimeters (3.7) inches and the erect size at 8 centimeters more (17.5) which would put the average at right about 6.9 inches. Furthermore Kinsey’s research put the average at 6.4. Most of the data out there seemed to back up the 5-8 or 6 to 7.5 inch range with about 60 percent of all men falling in this range. I am not an expert but I simply find this data questionable, although it would be nice to think that I was up to an inch above average.

    • There isn’t a definitive figure, that’s right. And you can be critic with studies since they’re not perfect, but your own perception can be biased more easily than a study… And in any case, no peer reviews studies have ever put the average anywhere near 7”, as far as I know Kinsey’s 6,4” is the highest and it would not be considered robust enough under today standards

  5. I found that penis size come in difference measure.

  6. show sizes that are real.

  7. From other readings about 3% of men have micro-penis, and about 3% Have a very large penis.. Could that sound about right..? I fall in about the Average Level.. Most of this we can thank the porn-sites, right…
    I wouldn’t be finding myself dating or having sex with a size queen.. Most of the women that I have dated was average or normal body shape, style or size..
    Most women that I have dated or had sex with sported “B” cups.. At the end of the day they didn’t have anything over on me..
    If I have my hang-ups is with height.. How tall someone is, and some woman are hung-up that they want a man who Towers over them.. We are all the same height in bed.. I’m 5′ 8″… Take the Foot symbol away from the front of the 5, and place a decimal between the 5 and 8, and that Is approximate of what I’m sporting else-where.. “My manhood”.. Cheers..

  8. you forgot one important thing: those who saw in locker rooms are not the avarage, normal sizes have those who don’t dare to show themselves naked in public because they are too shy to their “reality” in size.

  9. My husband has 4-1/2″ when real hard. He always told me that was above average. After looking around on the web it looks like he is wrong.I always wondered why they made vibrators such a larger [ and better feeling] size .How large is average? ….Pat

    • According to scientific research average is somewhere between 5 and 5.5” Don’t bias your perception solely on vibrators size, they are usually made in quite bigger than average sizes.

  10. Is a 4-1/2″ penis above average, as my husband says?

  11. Does the size of his penis affect the size of his balls? My husband seems to have large ones. They seem larger than the ones I see on the internet ,but most of those men seem to be at least 6″ long . Please respond…Thanks / Pat M.

  12. So, if penis size doesn’t matter why do so many women say they want big ones?

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