Compare yourself

We present here a compilation of the various studies statistics in a way that allow yourself to compare with them. To know your cumulative percentage just look for your size in the first column and the following columns in that same row correspond to the percentage of the population smaller than you according to each study.

Flaccid Length:


Erect Length:


Erect Circumference

Erect circumference distribution

* Studies with an asterisk have some kind of bias, Herbenick, Kinsey and sizestudy are self-reported and in LifeStyles the subjects are self-selected.

  1. Size is important, but guys shouldn’t neglect general penis health while focusing on the size of the member – which we often do. Men can get vital amino acids to their tools by using a quality penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) regularly.

  2. You should really add the Dutch condomerie circumference study from 1994 ” Penile Circumference Variability – in a Dutch Sample (1994) Author: Erick Janssen” .They had 152 subjects and measured mid shaft with a reliable device. 47.8% of men measured at or below 11 cm.

  3. I wonder if a chart of volume might be constructed using the erect length and the erect girth and the cylinder volume calculation of length x Pi x radius squared? I know its not absolutely accurate, but it would be relatively accurate providing you with a guide as to where your penis sits relative to other men? And my cock is average length but very thick so I’m more interested than most may be 🙂

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