Erect Statistics

Erect Statistics soon.

  1. When my penis is erect it is 5.3 inches that is if I put the tape hard against my pubic bone flacid it’s 1.5 inches my wife said that’s normal but I exercise a lot and I have seen in the Gym more than couple of over a 200 men and I measured myself the shortest by
    comparing. Please inform me I am 45 years and this battle is just getting worse. Thank you

    • 5.3 bone pressed is within the normal range.

      • Yeah bud, you are around the average. It sounds like you are a “grower not a shower”. I have read that more guys are like this, and these type typically grow up to double the flaccid length. In your case you are growing almost 4x the flaccid length. Your wife says your normal because when all is said and done the erect length and girth are what counts in the bedroom, not the flaccid.

    • The studies have a Standard Dieviation (+/-), so 4.6″-5.8″ Bone pressed would be consider average.

  2. Is it really that long ? I’ve been married for over 40 years to a man with a 4-1/2 ” penis [ when very, very hard] . He has always told me that was longer than average . I’ve always wondered why vibrators were so much longer [my husband doesn’t know about it]. I’d be proud of it if I were you . I’ll be thinking about it when I finish with this post . Thanks for the help !! Patricia

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